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Selected media publications based on the work I had done as a lawyer, speaker, trainer and youth advocate. I started the training aspect of my career at the age of 25 in Malaysia, and have continued to conduct trainings in law, negotiations and mediation both in Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2007, I was given the "Outstanding Young Person" award by my state for my work with the youths, an unexpected honour for which I am grateful to this day.


Media Mentions

Featured in "Her World" magazine, Malaysia. I founded a non-profit youth organisation. The organisation worked with 15,000 youths in the state. I juggled legal practice with lecturing in the university and speaking at camps, schools and organisations across the state. It was an exciting time of personal growth.

Snippets on "Operation L.I.F.E Wire" from the Chinese and English papers.

I worked with a team of 26 committee members who were each the head of a non-profit organisation, a major commercial entity or a government body to make "Operation L.I.F.E Wire" a reality.

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